Hot off the press!! August 2012

Well, new to me anyway. Hearts of Darkness, book 1 in my to-be-titled trilogy, will be released from Kensington in August 2012, earlier than I was anticipating. Mark your calendars!

I’m hard at work on book 2, Hearts of Shadow. For some reason, I’m excited by the prospect of rewriting book 1 more than I am about facing down the blank page of book 2. Why is that? Why is the blank page so terrifying? There is a quote widely attributed to La Nora that goes something like, “a page of crap is easier to fix than a blank page.” I think I need to write that in big letters over my desk. It’s just that my internal editor is so loud.

It might help if I had a desk. I do, buried somewhere underneath all those papers and books. A professional organizer came out this week to consult about my office. Until recently, I didn’t have any place but the dining room table to write on. After painting the garage and setting Mr. Kira up in it, I got to claim his old office. It’s a nice space with a bathroom and a sliding glass door to the back yard. The problem is that all my craft supplies are in bins and need to be organized, my filing system is half-assed and carries over onto the desk, and the cat has peed on the carpet. It also lacks character. I simply cannot be inspired in a room that lacks character. The horror!

The to do list, I’m afraid, is long and dreary and involves copious hours of me not-writing in order to prepare to write. Am I procrastinating under the guise of preparing to write? Perhaps. But perhaps I will also be more productive in a comfortable room painted a robin’s egg blue, with a large cork board plotting board on the wall over a clean desk, that smells like tea and chocolate and certainly not cat pee.

I’ve also been embracing Scrivener. My organization woes are solved. Ze Book hasn’t plotted itself YET, but I have high hopes.


One response to “Hot off the press!! August 2012

  1. I have absolute confidence in you. And a high class writer such as yourself should never have to write to the smell of cat pee 😉

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