What I’ve been reading…

A little of this, a little of that. I have very little time to read these days, but it only makes me appreciate it that much more. Here are some good ones for your reading pleasure:

SHIP BREAKER by Paolo Bacigalupi – Dystopian Young Adult. It was quite as good as those peeps on the internetz said it would be

WICKED BECOMES YOU by Meredith Duran – Victorian Romance. Our book club book this month, and a rousing success. I love her!

TRIAL BY DESIRE by Courtney Milan – Victorian Romance. Nicely layered characters.

WICKED GAME by Jill Myles – Contemporary Romance set in a reality Survivor game show. Sarcastic and funny and sweet. And only $2.99! You can’t get good coffee that cheap.

ISLAND HEAT by Jill Myles – Time-travel fantasy romance with dinosaurs. No, really. This is journey to the center of the earth, romance style. Very fun. And only $0.99.

STORY ENGINEERING by Larry Brooks – Non-fiction on how to write a novel. I actually haven’t finished, but the half I’ve read has some excellent advice.

What have you been reading? What should I read next?


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