Book love: Rampant by Diana Peterfreund

Sometimes you come across a book that seems like it was written just for you. I feel this way about Rampant. It’s like Ms. Peterfreund plucked from my mind these themes and issues I’ve been mulling over recently, put them into words, and crafted a beautiful tapestry out of them. The themes of female empowerment, virginity, and what it means to be a woman in the modern era are not new, but I’m looking at them with new eyes now that I have a daughter. Strong themes separate out the truly unforgettable books from the simply interesting and enjoyable books. Don’t get me wrong, this is not some feminist treatise. Rampant is a beautiful adventure of a teenage girl coming to terms with her heritage, her sexuality, and her own inner power.

I’m not doing it justice. Suffice to say, I really, really liked it and think you will too. There are killer unicorns. Love, lust, betrayal. Best friends, boy friends, parents with issues. Magic and mayhem.

Ms. Peterfreund’s voice is captivating. It’s one of those that just tumbles you in from page one, and sweeps you along until you put your head up for air and realize three hours have gone by and you’re almost done with the book. I stayed up late finishing it. If it weren’t for my mama duties, I wouldn’t have put it down.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel, Ascendant.

What have you been reading, mes amies? What should I be reading, when I’m done with Ascendant? Have you tried Ms. Peterfreund’s delicious books?


3 responses to “Book love: Rampant by Diana Peterfreund

  1. Gah!!! I have had Rampant in my TBR for probably two years already. I just need more hours in the day to read everything I want. Very frustrating to not get to it all despite good intentions. I did read a short story set in the same world by Ms. Peterfreund in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology, so I’m definitely intrigued.

    I heard her other series is very good too. The name escapes me right now.

  2. Move it on up! I have books languishing on the TBR list too, but this is one worth reading. It might even make a great book to read with your daughters. 😀

  3. I certainly love killer unicorns. Maybe I’ll see if the public library has this on the shelves; from your description I think I might get an eyebrow if I made the purchase at our sole remaining Borders.

    If you’re still on that steampunk tip you might enjoy that Buntline Special; I finally finished it off after taking a detour to read some Warhammer fiction. I also read an excellent homage to the Pulp era with Gods of Manhattan; not to be confused with Ghosts of Manhattan which is also a pulp send-up that covers similar characters, but otherwise bears no relation.

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