Four Question Friday

The Kensington marketing department asks new authors to fill out a handy-dandy questionnaire. Strangely, I’m stumped on some of the questions. Do they want me to answer seriously? Am I supposed to answer as a reader might expect a bad-ass Paranormal Romance Author to respond? Or should I give the real scoop on me, the person behind the author facade. I guess it comes back to this: is Kira Brady a brand or a person? And if she’s a person, is she me, or a character I get to make up?

Today’s four question are taken from the marketing sheet, and I doubt they are top secret.

Question 1: What is your writing routine?

Author Kira: After an hour of yoga and a visit with my masseuse to get my body and brain in alignment, I sit down to my typewriter ready to channel the muse. Pedro, my cabana boy, mixes me a Kraken sidecar before joining the bluegrass punk band that serenades my writing sessions. I slip the IV into my vein and attach the end of the tube to the typewriter ink cartridge. There is no ink but blood. Words flow effortlessly from my fingertips to the blank page, almost as if imagined into being by a divine hand. The blood dries black on the bleached paper, belying its heavenly origins; These words were crafted in a darker place. By the time the fiddle crescendo winds down, five thousand words grace the page. I am spent. Weakly, I motion for Pedro to release me from the machine. He slips the iv out and sweeps me up into his arms. Carrying me out the double french doors into the fresh island breeze, he gently lays me in a hammock beneath the coconut fronds. I rock gently to sleep as the waves of creativity wash upon the shores of hard work, and dream of writing the next scene.

Real me: I put the baby down for a nap, make some tea, sit at my computer, and turn on Write or Die. If I’m lucky, the baby will sleep for an hour.

Question 2: What music are you really into these days?

Author Kira: Bluegrass punk and anything in a minor key.

Real me: Raffi.

Question 3: If you weren’t a romance novelist, what would you be?

Author Kira: Aether Mage.

Real me: Laundry Fairy.

Question 4: What do you think love at first sight is?

Author Kira: A divine spark from the universe that occurs when following one’s personal legend.

Real me: Shallow.

And a question for you, dear reader: What book would you most like to read again for the first time?


Four Question Friday

Ask me a question, any question! Tez was so kind to ask the first two, so here they are with my brilliant answers:

Question 1: Since your daughter was born, have you been writing less?

Answer 1: I write 5k a day, have a spotless house and cook four course gourmet meals every night. I am a fiction writer, after all. 😉

Honestly, pregnancy brain hit me hard, and I actually stopped writing way before I had the baby. Once the baby arrived, I spent most of my “free time” editing and entering contests. It wasn’t until I got The Call in January that I got serious about making time to write again. Deadlines are a good motivator. I have less time than I did pre-baby, but I’m much more efficient with it.

Question 2: Have you hired a baby-sitter so you can get some writing done?

Answer 2: Still working on it. Now that she is 13 months I feel a lot better about leaving her in a stranger’s capable hands. She is extremely social and inquisitive, so I think she’ll really like being in a school environment. Yesterday I had my first full day without the baby and I wrote 5 thousand words!! (Not-fiction!)

Question 3: Are you still in love with secret-baby plots after having a baby of your own?

Answer 3: THOSE BOOKS WERE WRITTEN BY CHILDLESS PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER MET A BABY. Just kidding. I LOVE being a mommy, but for a while there I was pretty convinced that the only people who liked the secret-baby plots so common in the romance genre were childless people and women too old to remember what it was like to have a newborn. I’m probably still right, but after a year my brain has already blocked the shock and exhaustion that characterizes new parenthood. So, short answer: yes. I’m a sucker for them again. Babies! So cute! Heroes who like babies! ADORABLE!

Question 4: Did you watch the royal wedding?

Answer 4: You know that thing about parenthood? You sleep when the baby sleeps. If my baby is sleeping at 3 am, I am certainly NOT up watching tv, Fabulous hats or no.

Maybe if I had known about the Fabulous hats ahead of time I would have made an exception.

Now a question for you, dear readers: Did YOU watch the royal wedding?